Tuesday, 28 March 2017

March Makeup Faves

March Makeup Faves - how exciting! As it's my birthday month, I have treated myself to so many goodies especially makeup 😍 I have tried every product and OMG ahh-mayyy-zing!!!

Firstly, lets start off with foundation - The Nars All Day Luminous Foundation. I got this from Fenwick, Brent Cross. I have heard so many opinions on this foundation and I was apprehensive to try it. However, I was completely wrong. The foundation is a watery consistency but so easily blend-able and such high coverage. 
Colour: Punjab
I also got the Laura Mercier Setting Powder from Fenwick too. I know everyone goes on about it in makeup reviews and Instagram and I thought it's just a hype - let's just buy it and see what happens. I'm not kidding, the powder literally changes your makeup life! Trust me! Absolutely kills all the baking products out there and your face looks incredible. 
Colour: Translucent
I went into Boots and there were so many bargains. Especially, the L'Oreal section. I am obsessed with L'Oreal! I got the new matte brown lipsticks that are out. They are not like the typical matte lipsticks which dry out your lips. If you want a rich, pigmented and hydrating matte lipstick then this is definitely the one! 
Colour: 634 & 636
I have been looking for some affordable twist up lip liners for ages, I don't like sharpening pencils. Collection 2000 had some going for so cheap. You guys seriously need to go Boots and check out some of the stuff they have on offer. Sometimes bargains! The lip liner is easily glidable (I don't think that's a word), and has long lasting formula. I had a whole day of shopping, food and chilling with the girls.. And not even any smudges. Stayed on all day/night. 
Colour: Cappuccino & Damson
Then for Concealer - my go to is L'Oreal True Match Concealer. The concealer is so blendable and it matches perfectly to your skin colour. It helps hide imperfections, blemishes and evens skin tone. Obviously, there are other concealers out there which are more expensive and can give a better effect on your face. But you can get cheaper alternatives especially if you want to try it out and see what matches and suits your skin. I got the L'Oreal beauty blender too. 
Colour: 5
Beauty Blender: £6
I also got the L'Oreal True Match Highlighter, the packaging drew me to it! And I haven't really tried anything like that except for the MAC Strobing Cream which is kinda similar. You can use it before foundation or after in areas that you want to highlight e.g. cheekbones, under eyebrows, nose etc. But you can also mix the product with your foundation and no you're not going to look like you've drenched yourself in highlight! It gives a nice shine but isn't all that pigmented.
Colour: Golden Glow
And finally I received the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette as a birthday present from my cousin which I had to add! I actually love her so much because I was so obsessed with this palette. It has that amazing orange and burgundy colour that everyone's looking for. Literally so pigmented. And there's such a nice array of colours, you can easily create a natural or night-out look. 
The colours in the palette are:
  • ND010 - Metallic pale mocha.
  • ND020 - Powdery chocolate shimmer.
  • ND030 - Matte black.
  • ND040 - Golden copper with chocolate undertones.
  • ND050 - Chocolate truffle.
  • ND060 - Deep chocolate with a golden shimmer.
  • ND070 - Pale chocolate with muted rose pink undertones.
  • ND080 - Pale mocha shimmer.
  • ND090 - Rusty copper shimmer.
  • ND100 - Pale creamy nude shimmer.
  • ND110 - Peach tinted cream with beige undertones and a shimmer finish.
  • ND120 - Pale golden chocolate shimmer.
  • ND130 - Pale pink nude.
  • ND140 - Pale cream shimmer.
  • ND150 - Pale brown coffee.
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