Sunday, 26 February 2017

Quick Getaway to Bath

Welcome back! I have been all over the place with life generally and now I am starting to get back on track with everything - the first thing I want to do is a blog update.

I recently had a much needed getaway to Bath. Even though Bath is less than half an hour drive from where I live, I have only been there once with my primary school. And that was only to have a look at the University there.

Anyways, I was quite clueless of what there is in Bath and I was fed up being in my hometown. So, I needed an adventure.

Inside Roman Baths
I didn't explore the whole of Bath because I got there at 3pm and by the time I left it was 6pm - so I only had 3 hours to explore.

When I got out the train station, one of the station staff advised me on where to go. What I found admirable was the whole historic feel to Bath. I know people go down to see that, but it was literally a breath of fresh air. Especially from the hustle and bustle of my town. I was in awe when I went into the Roman Baths - it cost me £15 for a ticket to have a look around. I didn't take that many pictures because I really wanted to take time appreciating what was in front of me rather than snapping it! There was also a restaurant at the Roman Baths called The Pump Room which was kinda cool but I didn't spend much time there as I wanted to explore the rest of the place.

Then, I found myself walking to Pulteney Bridge which crosses the River Avon in Bath. That was such a sight! It was so beautiful as it had a lovely garden, which I found out you have to pay to get into. Yeah.. I didn't pay, I just walked straight in! The scenery was lovely and I could imagine how it would be like in the summer - great picnics and loads of ice-cream.
Pulteney Bridge
This was lovely but it soon started to rain. I started walking through the town centre and there were quite an array of shops e.g. Kiko, Urban Outfitters, Bobbi Brown etc. I was mostly interested in the makeup shops.

After a bit of window shopping, I ended up going to Handmade Burger Co. for some delish burger. Double checked if it's halal obviously and it was - great news! I ordered Peri Peri Chicken Burger, Mexican Chips and an Oreo Milkshake. The burger and chips were so good, just can't explain in words how crazy good they were.. However, the milkshake.. disappointing. I would not recommend the Oreo milkshake as it was too watery and didn't have the thickness at all. Go to GBK for their Oreo milkshakes - faultless.

Anyways, that's my quick Bath getaway post done.. If you guys want me to write about something you're more interested in.. then let me know..


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