Saturday, 28 January 2017

Benefit Kissy Missy Gift Set Review

Hi Guys,

Hope you’re well. I have returned again with another post. This time on makeup J I received a super sweet gift set from one of my really close friends and I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s the Benefit Kissy Missy Gift Set – so cute! I love Benefit so much, I always fall in love with their products, especially their mascaras and their packaging! Inside this gift set, there were two lip and cheek tints and two lipsticks. The products are all mini-sized which adds to the cuteness. The packaging

  of the Kissy Missy Gift Set is tinned and shaped as a girl's head. The tin opens from the bottom (check the pictures our below).

The two Lip and Cheek Tints inside the set are called Benetint and Lollitint. These tints as described can be used for both cheeks and lips but I used on the lips. Personally, I’ve never used tints, I’ve always used lip gloss and lipsticks so I didn’t know what to expect. But I am quite surprised with these tints, I can’t believe how long-lasting they are and how well the colour remains on my lips. The tints have got a much more natural look compared to the lipsticks. I believe the colour can be built up, but in the pictures below, I have only used one coat.

The Benetint is more of a darker shade compared to the other tint. The tints are both watery and has a nice flowery scent. I loved how natural the tint was, definitely a great look for when you’re in a rush and have no time to put anything on your face. I think I would definitely use this on my lips and may use it on my cheeks when I’m rushing for work in the morning and I can’t be bothered to put my makeup on.

Wearing one coat of Benetint
The Lollitint is a light pink shade and is a little thicker consistency than Benetint, but it is still watery. I like this colour the best out the tints, it’s just really girly and just reminds me of summer! I can still see myself using this colour on my no makeup kinda days.
Wearing one coat of Lollitint
These lipsticks are something else (check pictures below) they have a liner included within the lipstick!! So basically a 2 in 1 product and I absolutely love those. The lipstick is in a teardrop design for easy application and it makes your lips look so fuller. The colour is crazily pigmented and it’s so long-lasting. I am in LOVE!

Revved-Up Red Lipsticks
This lipstick has a coral shade with a silky cream finish, this lipstick was the lighter shade compared to Pink Thrills. This lipstick was full of colour once applied and I only used one coat. I am so happy with all of the Benefit products within this gift set. Both lipsticks made my lips look so much fuller. However, these lipsticks are not matte so you may need to re-apply.
One coat of Revved-Up Red
Pink Thrills
This lipstick suited my skin tone more than Revved-Up Red Lipstick only because this lipstick had a much darker lip liner. I love this look and I only used one coat again. Very happy with the products. I think I will be wearing Pink Thrills the most out of all four products.
One coat of Pink Thrills
I really enjoyed using all of these products! And Thank You Ema for giving me this beautiful gift set!

If you guys have tried any of these products, then let me know J
See you all soon


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Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Mint Room (Indian Restaurant)


Another weekend, another blog. But, a food one! YAY! I went to ‘The Mint Room’ in Brizzy (google it), it was an Indian Restaurant. I love food soooo much but I don’t really dine at Indian Restaurants and that’s because I love my mum’s cooking more than any Indian Restaurant. Obviously, mother’s cooking is irreplaceable. But I wanted to see what the Mint Room had to offer as I have heard many different reviews about the restaurant.

Interior Decor @ The Mint Room
I went to the Mint Room for my friend’s birthday party last week. My circle of friends is like a mixture of family members too (not close, very distant relatives) and everyone kinda knows each other as in family wise (more like village wise). So the Mint Room Owner/Manager actually knew one of my family members and provided us with many many ‘on the house’ dishes which were humbly appreciated by us all. Their service was top-notch; they really did take care of us. And we weren’t the quietest there either! By the way, the names of the dishes may not be the same name on the menu, I have described the dish as I have forgotten the names of half of them - there were way too many dishes!


We received some lovely crispy poppadums with mint sauce and tomato sauce once we sat down. We all took ages to look at the menu so the poppadums were a good snack for the time-being. 


Paneer Spring Roll & Fish Goujons
The starters were so well presented (as seen above), I was astonished at the Chef's innovative display of the food on the plate. I've never had paneer (indian cheese) in a samosa/spring roll before so that was a new texture and taste for me. I did enjoy it, the cheese maintained it rubbery format within the crispy pastry. I loved the portion size, and it came with a Indian soy sauce too. Absolutely gorgeous! Also, I loved the fish goujons - succulent, great portion size and I think it was the best starter, hands down! It came with a lovely tomato sauce as well.

Aloo Chana Chaat
The Aloo Chana Chaat just reminded me of family dinners during my childhood. This was one of my family faves especially during Ramadan. The manager/owner did mention that this was the most common kind of street food in India. I did thoroughly enjoy this dish, full of flavour and lots of colour. The consistency of the dish was quite bulky as it had potatoes and chick peas in but who doesn't love carbs? It had an authentic tamarind like taste, so a combo of sweet and sour - right up my street!

Chana Chur Mix

Chana Chur Mix was a great finger food! All of us were howling that down! This is an all time fave in so many countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I love the way the Mint Room took classic street food and they made it into a high-quality dish. The chana chur was mouth-watering and had a good crunch to it.

Quail and Quail Egg

I have quails in my garden and every time my mum decides to cook quail, I always avoid it because I see the baby birds running around. But, I thought I would be brave and I had to give it a go as the owner/manager was so kind enough to specially provide us with this dish. The verdict is I am still not overwhelmed with quail. The taste of the meat is so pungent and too flavoursome for me. The aroma of the dish was tasteful but the meat did ruin it for me personally. The egg was delicious, it does not taste like the normal eggs you would get in the supermarket. The egg had flavorful taste and a pleasant savoury flavour.


Murgh Makhani & Chana Masala
I ordered the Murgh Makhani as I knew it would be a mild dish. I would have ordered a spicier dish but I wanted a change. I wanted to try something that I don't usually. The dish was luxurious, the flavours of the chicken was throughout the whole chicken, and the chicken was so soft. Every bite with rice was scrumptious, it was so lovely and creamy! 100% recommend this dish to everyone!

I ordered Chana Masala too just as an extra with my Murgh Makhani. You will have to get used to having loads of curry when you have an Indian night, that's what it's all about. The chana was very creamy and mouth-watering. Definitely recommend this dish as a side to your main.

Keema Naan

The keema naan was a worthy alternative to rice but I did order both naan and rice. You kinda need the best of both worlds with curry. I love naan but when it's stuffed with cheese, vegetables or keema - it's even better!


 The desserts were so tasteful, like literally made my taste-buds tingle. The ice-cream above was both creamy and ripe! The raspberry ice-cream at the top was tangy, sharp and bitter. It tasted similar to a very flavourful raspberry coolie. 

That was it guys - definitely a night to remember. I hope you enjoyed this food blog. Go check them out at 12-16 Clifton Road, Bristol, BS8 1AF

Thank you for reading :) 


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(All photo's are my own, if you want to use any pictures, please comment below)

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Things to Do in London

Hello Guys,

I went down to London during Summer 16' to visit some attractions that I never have time to see. It was a fun trip and I LOVE London even though it’s like 80 miles away from my hometown and I can hardly go down. I usually drive to London but this time I knew it would be a late night so public transport it was! I can honestly say that I hate any forms of public transport and I start missing Brody (my car). I’ve given you guys a list of where I went and some food recommendations. These sightseeing attractions that are listed below had the fewest queues and easy access from the tube station. Some places I walked to as they were closer to walk than take the tube.
(All pictures are my own)

London Paddington


 Tower of London

Tower Bridge

The Shard

Trafalgar Square

Buckingham Palace

St James’s Park

M & M World



Mimo’s Café Bar
(19 London Street, Paddington, London, W2 1HL)

The food was great but I was so busy eating I didn’t take any pictures! The menu was quite interesting as they catered for meat lovers as well as vegetarians. They didn’t really have any ‘halal’ signs so I just went for the fish and veg options. The prices for most meals were around £10 and I saw the breakfast prices which were around £4.50. Very reasonable prices if you want a quick lunch. However, the place is quite cramped so knees in!

Early Evening Meal
Wok to Walk
(39 Great Windmill St, Soho, London, W1D 7LX)

            Great for food lovers who want quick Asian street food – after a long walk of sightseeing, this is definitely an energy boost that was much needed. You can choose your own flavours, rice or noodles, meat or veg! Bargain prices as well. I chose a combo of Jasmine Rice, Chicken Breast, Broccoli and Hot Asia Sauce (the spiciest sauce). Again, apologies for not taking food pictures!

Thank you for reading guys! If you’ve been to any of these places or if you want to recommend me some new places to try in London, then please leave a comment below.


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