Thursday, 11 May 2017

Natural Skincare Products


Obviously, i'm not a hippy (and I don't have a problem with someone who is) but I am trying to consider natural skincare products. I usually use the normal brands that everyone does so like Dove, Nivea or whatever skin lotion I get at the time (the Vaseline body lotion is amazing).

But I wanted to consider some natural products because my skin is starting to become itchy now that Summer has arrived. I do get the odd rash on my wrists and dry hands. So, I thought I would switch up a few products and see how it goes from there. 

Recently, I went into Holland and Barrett and they have a brand called Dr Organic - there is a vast amount of products on offer from nail care to shower gels and body scrubs. You will find something for anything! But a disclaimer, the price is a bit dearer compared to the pharmaceutical brands. 

I bought a couple of bits below which were £6 each (click on the title below to find out more) so it is a bit dear compared to the normal brands that you can get off Boots or Superdrug. However, they have so many benefits:

- Aluminium free
- SLS free
- Paraben free
- Alcohol free
- Natural

The items I have recently bought is - click below to find out more

You should invest in a good hand cream! I've always said this! My go to items in my handbag: chewing gum, paracetamol, Carmex, HAND CREAM! I am in love with The Body Shop so I always purchase my hand creams from there. But as I am on this natural hype, I thought I'll give this Manuka Honey hand cream a go! It lathers like a dream, so thick and creamy, literally your hands feel so revived! Love that satisfying feeling when my hands are fully moisturised! 

One thing I would say is - if you get a stingy sensation after putting deodorant on.. then hunny you need to look for a replacement. I was using Sanex for a while until it started stinging on the odd occasion and I couldn't bear my skin to go through anymore BS! That's why I made the effort to go to H&B and see what kind of deodorant they had on offer. I've used this product less than a week and it's already looking good. There's no cloginess and it's not full on but it does the trick. I would recommend you lot to get this, I know it's expensive for deodorant but it's definitely worth it.

Some of the other bits I have been using are from Boots, the Botanics range. These products are developed with Kew Royal Botanic Gardens (if you guys don't know anything about Kew Gardens then - Google it)

This hair oil is only £3 from Boots. It's for dry, damaged hair so basically my bird's nest! The treatment oil consists of argan oil so it nourishes, repairs and reduces breakage by 79%! If this oil has helped my hay hair become silky smooth then you guys deffo need to try it!

- Formulated without parabens
- Suitable for vegetarians
- People tested

I don't really use any extra products when wiping off my makeup with baby wipes but since using this product, it has made my cleansing routine so much quicker! This solution is for all skin types, so if you're worried that it might affect your skin then fear not. I've trialed and tested it on some people who have acne and eczema on their face and they have not had any reactions. This cost me £4.

- Dissolves makeup
- Unclogs pores
- Removes impurities
- Brightening hibiscus included
- Skin feels toned and smooth
- Use for face, eyes and lips

Thanks for reading guys. You'll see the pictures soon with these products on my Instagram.


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