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Affordable Makeup Look & Swatches!!

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Everyone I’ve asked so far wants an ‘affordable’ makeup look from top to toe (well just for your face but you get the gist). I was quite happy at reviewing some of the products that I use every day because they’re genuinely quite good. There are so many looks that you can create by using these affordable brands. 

Yes, I can admit that I do have expensive makeup and some products do work better than the more affordable brands. But the ones I have reviewed below, I use on an everyday basis. I have hand-picked the best ones that I know are extremely affordable and will give a lasting impression. The products will be linked below for you all. And you'll get to see swatches of some products too! 



-       For dull skin
-       Pore minimising
-       Smoothing
-       Mattifying
-       Oil-free smoothing serum
-       Use on clean skin BEFORE foundation

This primer is so good when applied and it makes my skin ready for foundation. I can’t justify the brightening part but it does give the lightweight feeling. I always use this primer before expensive or affordable foundation because it does the trick. I would definitely recommend this – it lasts around 3-4 months for me as I don’t really wear makeup every day. The product does have a pump so it’s very easy to use.


-       For normal to oily skin
-       Matte and poreless
-       Natural seamless finish
-       Matches skin tone and texture

I am in love with this foundation! I don’t like it when people always underestimate drug store products because some of them do shine! I understand that some people have luxury favourites (I do too) but this Maybelline Fit Me foundation is perfect! It gives full coverage and a great finish too! My skin type is normal but can be oily but this foundation settles in so well. I have got the colour 220 – even though it does describe the product as matte, it does not fully mattify the skin so you won’t get the ‘cake’ look. Definitely recommend to use a damp beauty blender when applying onto your face. The product does not have a pump so you just have to squeeze it out.


-       HD concealer
-       Smooth finish

This has to be the most raved drug store concealer ever! But I completely understand why, it is my favourite!! I use to use the Maybelline Anti-Age Concealer but I just don’t enjoy using that anymore because it dries to quickly when applied. But this L.A. Concealer is perfect and ranges in so many colours and shades. It even has colour correctors in the same bottle (I’ve got the green one!) the product has a brush on the tip for easy application. There is literally no mess, all you do is squeeze the product and directly apply to your face. I recommend blending the product in with a damp beauty blender. The texture is really creamy and easy to blend – I bought two of these in a light and dark shade (contour purposes). The colours I have brought are Medium Beige and Chestnut.


-       Matte
-       Easy to blend contour powder
-       Illuminating highlighter

This is a bargain! 3 in 1 for what… £10!! I actually bought it for much cheaper because I’m obsessed over Boots Advantage Card Coupons. I think it was like 20% or something. But the colours are so pigmented and vibrant. It actually doesn’t fade like the other contouring palettes I’ve used. The dark shade is perfect for contouring your nose and cheekbones especially after you’ve used the L.A. Girl Concealer (in the darker shade) to set your contour. That’s what I do, just to emphasise my contour just that extra mile. The blusher is literally poppin’, it has so much glow! I’ve always used matte blushers so this glowy one is perfect. It actually suits my skin tone and I love how it accentuates my face structure. So… the highlighter is amazing! It's so pigmented and instantly appears onto the skin! The colour of the palette I purchased is in Light 373.



-      Flawless matte eyeshadow
-      Highly pigmented
-      Easy to blend

This eyeshadow palette has 32 colours and all colours are vibrant for all skin tones! It’s a bargain and the meaning of affordable. Literally you can use all of these colours for daytime, night out, work, school, college looks! The palette colour I purchased is in Flawless Matte. The colours that I recommend to use for an every day look is Warm, Rust and Wood. These peachy colours go with the current trend at the moment. I like using a dark colour for the eyelid just to make the eyes pop whilst having the pinks on the crease.


-       Easy application
-       Lasting finish

I’ve used this eyeliner since the age of 13! This is an all-time favourite and classic. If every 90s girl isn’t with me on this one then I don’t know what you guys have been using… No, but really cheap, affordable and super classic = perfection. 


-       New brush with anti-clump wiper
-       Instant dramatic eyes

This may look slightly expensive for mascara but trust me this is an investment. Just really puts your whole look together. I honestly always recommend this mascara to everyone I know. You only need one or two coats for a normal work look but if you really want those lengthy lashes then double up them coats because you will really get intensified dramatic lashes.



-      Smooth, blend-able product
-      Smudge-proof

I got this as a present – and this is best present I’ve received. I never really used pomades but I’ve seen reviews where people are comparing it to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ pomades so that just says it all. I love all of NYX’s products so much, so affordable for girls who want to get with the latest trends on a budget! The colour pomade I have is in Black 05.


-      Makes brows look fuller
-      Intensifies brows

This product just cleans your eyebrow look after you've applied pomade and acts like a 2 in 1 gel and tint. I love it! The product is bigger than all other brow gels – gives more bang for your buck, literally. The colour that I purchased this in is Medium/Dark.



-      Precision colour
-      Glides smoothly
-      Non-smudge

Now, some people don’t like using lip liner and I was this person but not anymore. I have to use lip liner now or else I feel as if my lips don’t look as fuller. This lip liner is so cheap; I should have got some more in a couple more colours – oh well get that done in my next makeup shopping trip. The colour that I have used is called Paprika. Also, Kiko have a lot of lip liners in various colours under £3.


KIKO Lipstick - £1.90
-      Silky texture
-      Smooth-gliding quality
-      Easy to apply

I couldn’t help myself but buy all these lipsticks when I saw them on sale for less than £2, they’re usually around £5! I still think you can buy these lipsticks at this price (just click the link above), definitely recommend using this product when you’re trying to build your makeup collection. Also, you can use this product in all types of weather. It’s not matte but gives a slight shine. The colour that I purchased is in Rosewood.

That's all for now guys, thank you for reading. If you want to see a picture of all these products on me then click on my >> Instagram <<

If you've used any of these products or are planning to, let me know in the comments below.

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